Pacific Software Group
Laguna Niguel, California

iPhone and Android App for 2013 Wine Extraordinaire

Since 1996, Pacific Software Group expanded our customer base to those we reach though our websites. provides free public domain gifs, to those interested in animation, and clipart for their electronic communication.

With the expansion and sophistication of electronic media there is also need for professional looking animation. We have formed to collaborate the animation artists interests to sell creative animations in their galleries with business professionals requiring unique graphic renditions for their electronic business communications. This market place is hosted by

Supporting our interest in our planet's water sources and its' life conservation, we host that markets photography for artists of underwater and above water images. This brings the photographers and artists a marketplace on the web to sell their work.

We market the sale of these specialized animations and images brought together on Pacific Software Group's websites for the benefit of marketing group, animation artist and photographer.